Mobile Applications

Tanu Infotech understands the need of today’s world of supporting and reaching out to millions of consumers directly who are using smart devices like tablets, smart phones, smart gadgets etc. and be able to make the content available to them.

Tanu Infotech has had experience in providing this ability by creating specialized mobile apps for publishing customers. Tanu Infotech with its widespread team of mobile developers has helped many of the customers in successfully devising and executing mobile strategy for delivering their content.

Tanu Infotech has had the experience in provide mobile app developments for publishing customers involving,

  • Apps to help sales people showcase the products to distribution channels
  • Apps and readers to publish the content / books / journals / news directly to the consumers
  • Apps and custom book stores for publishers
  • Direct selling and advertisements planning for publishers on mobile channels
  • HTML-5, Cross Platform and Native mobile development support and capabilities

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